15 septembre 2015

OUVRAGE : C. d’Orsi, Asylum-Seeker and Refugee Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Peregrination of a Persecuted Human Being in Search of a Safe Haven

Cristiano d’ORSI

It is not often acknowledged that the great majority of African refugee movement happens within Africa rather than from Africa to the West. This book examines the specific characteristics and challenges of the refugee situation in Sub-Saharan Africa, offering a new and critical vision on the situation of asylum-seekers and refugees in the African continent. Cristiano d’Orsi considers the international, regional and domestic legal and institutional frameworks linked to refugee protection in Sub-Saharan Africa, and explores the contributions African refugee protection has brought to the cause on a global scale.

Key issues covered in the book include the theory and the practice of non-refoulement, an analysis of the phenomenon of mass-influx, the concept of burden-sharing, and the role of freedom fighters. The book goes on to examine the expulsions of refugees and the historical role played by UNHCR in Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a work which follows the persecution and legal challenges of those in search of a safe haven, this book will be of great interest and use to researchers and students of immigration and asylum law, international law, human rights, and African studies.



Part I. The peregrination of a persecuted human being, first stage:
seeking asylum in Sub-Saharan Africa
1. Fleeing persecution and the risk of unjust rejection, return or expulsion: non- refoulement in Sub-Saharan Africa
2. Individual admission in the host country, "a peaceful and humanitarian act": a pivotal concept of asylum as it is viewed in Sub-Saharan Africa
3. Groups of individuals on the run: examining the Sub-Saharan African phenomena of mass-influx and burden sharing
4. Refugee camps in Sub-Saharan Africa: perpetuating the plight of refugees? Restrictions on free settlement and movement.
5. Alleviating the plight of refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa: the role and mandate of the UNHCR.
6. Managing the subversive activities of refugees and their ban: responding to abuses of refugee status.
7. Misusing the help received and its consequences: national governments and the expulsion of refugees
Part II. The peregrination of a persecuted human being, second stage:
durable solutions for refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa
8. Voluntary, spontaneous, forced repatriations: refugees and their way back home
9. Local integration and resettlement in a third country

Cristiano d’ORSI, Asylum-Seeker and Refugee Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Peregrination of a Persecuted Human Being in Search of a Safe Haven, New York, Routledge, 2015 (344 pp.)

Cristiano d’Orsi, is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law at the University of Pretoria.

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