24 mars 2016

REVUE : The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (vol. 15, n°1, 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (vol. 15, n°1, 2016) is out. 

  • Filippo Fontanelli & Paolo Busco, The Function of Procedural Justice in International Adjudication
  • Eric De Brabandere, The Use of Precedent and External Case Law by the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
  • Lorenzo Lorenzo Palestini, The Territorial and Maritime Dispute (Nicaragua v. Colombia): On Territorial Sovereignty and the International Court of Justice’s “Failure to Rule” on the Geographical Scope of the Archipelago of San Andrés
  • Pavel Šturma, Goodbye, Maffezini? On the Recent Developments of Most-Favoured-Nation Clause Interpretation in International Investment Law
  • Gisèle Uwera, Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in Future EU Investment-Related Agreements: Is the Autonomy of the EU Legal Order an Obstacle?
  • Jorg Sladič, Rules on Procedural Time-Limits for Initiating an Action for Annulment before the Court of Justice of the EU: Lesser-Known Questions of Admissibility Cooperation

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