21 janvier 2015

OUVRAGE : J.A. Green, C.P.M. Waters (eds.), Adjudicating International Human Rights: Essays in Honour of Sandy Ghandhi

David ROY

Adjudicating International Human Rights honours Professor Sandy Ghandhi on his retirement from law teaching. It does so through a series of targeted essays which probe the framework and adequacy of international human rights adjudication. Eminent international law scholars (such as Sir Nigel Rodley, Professor Javaid Rehman and Professor Malcolm Evans), along with emerging writers in the field, take Professor Ghandhi’s body of work—focussed on human rights protection through legal institutions—as a starting point for a variety of analytical essays. Adjudicating International Human Rights includes chapters devoted to human rights protection in a number of different institutional contexts, ranging from the ICJ and the Human Rights Committee to truth commissions and NAFTA arbitration tribunals.

Preface: James A. Green
Foreword: Dame Rosalyn Higgins
Notes on Contributors
Introduction: Christopher P.M. Waters
Chapter 1: The International Court of Justice and Human Rights Treaty Bodies, Sir Nigel Rodley               
Chapter 2: The Contribution of Judge Antônio Augusto Cançado Trindade to the Adjudication of International Human Rights at the International Court of Justice, Robert P. Barnidge, Jr.
Chapter 3: The Pinochet Judgment Fifteen Years On, J. Craig Barker      
Chapter 4: Balancing Liberty and the Security Council: Judicial Responses to the Conflict between Chapter VII Resolutions and Human Rights Law under the Council’s Targeted Sanctions Regime, David Leary       
Chapter 5: The EU’s Protection of ECHR Standards: More Stringent than the Bosphorus Legacy, Tawhida Ahmed
Chapter 6: Adjudicating on the Rights of Sexual Minorities in the Muslim World, Javaid Rehman
Chapter 7: A Feminist Human Rights Perspective on the Use of Internal Relocation by Asylum Adjudicators, Nora Honkala
Chapter 8: Persistent Objector Teflon? Customary International Human Rights Law and the United States in International Adjudicative Proceedings, James A. Green
Chapter 9: The Role of Truth Commissions in Adjudicating Human Rights Violations, Alison Bisset
Chapter 10: Adjudicating Human Rights in the Preventive Sphere, Malcolm Evans


James A. GREEN, Christopher P.M. WATERS (eds.), Adjudicating International Human Rights: Essays in Honour of Sandy Ghandhi, Boston/Leiden, Brill/Nijhoff, 2014 (238 pp.)

James A. Green, Ph.D. (2008), University of Reading, is a Reader in Public International Law. His publications include The International Court of Justice and Self-Defence in International Law (Hart, 2009), which won the Francis Lieber Prize.

Christopher P.M. Waters, D.C.L. (2002), is Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor.He has extensive human rights field experience and has published books and articles on various international law topics, including in the American Journal of International Law. 
Green and Waters’ previous collaborations include the publication of Conflict in the Caucasus: Implications for International Order (Palgrave, 2010)

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