18 janvier 2015

REVUE : Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies (vol. 5, n°1-2, 2014)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies (vol. 5, n°1-2, 2014) is out. 

  • Gil Marvel P. Tabucanon, Protection for Resettled Island Populations
  • Maja Janmyr, Attributing Wrongful Conduct of Implementing Partners to UNHCR
  • Shahla Ali & Tom Kabau, Non-State Actors and the Evolution of Humanitarian Norms
  • Eve Massingham & Kelisiana Thynne, Promoting Access to Health Care in ‘Other Situations of Violence’
  • Antonio Galli, The US Humanitarian Assistance Facilitation Act
  • Elizabeth Salmon, Institutional Approach between IHL and IHRL
  • Lijiang Zhu, International Humanitarian Law in the Universal Periodic Review of the UN Human Rights Council
  • Seira Yun, Breaking Imaginary Barriers
  • Thomas Winkler, The Copenhagen Process and the Copenhagen Process Principles and Guidelines on the Handling of Detainees in International Military Operations
  • Festus M. Kinoti, Prosecution of War Crimes by Invading and Occupying Forces
  • Sanoj Rajan, Principles of Laws of War in Ancient India and the Concept of Mitigating Armed Conflicts through Controlled Fights
  • Christopher R. Rossi, The Responsibility to Protect and the Plenitudinal Mindset of International Humanitarian Law

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