14 mars 2017

REVUE : International Affairs (vol. 92, n°5, September 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of International Affairs (vol. 92, n°5, September 2016) is out.


Original articles
Anand Menon, John-Paul Salter, Brexit: initial reflections
Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, The African Union and the International Criminal Court: counteracting the crisis
Steven C. Roach, South Sudan: a volatile dynamic of accountability and peace
Amitai Etzioni, Talking to the Muslim world: how, and with whom?
Iver B. Neumann, Russia's Europe, 1991-2016: inferiority to superiority
Elke Krahmann, NATO contracting in Afghanistan: the problem of principal–agent networks
Efraim Inbar, Eitan Shamir, What after counter-insurgency? Raiding in zones of turmoil
Jinghan Zeng, China's date with big data: will it strengthen or threaten authoritarian rule?
Brantly Womack, Asymmetric parity: US-China relations in a multinodal world
Giovanni Farese, The culture of investment-led international development: the Chatham House circle (1939-45) and lessons for today
Review articles
Joyce P. Kaufman, Women and children, war and peace: political agency in time of conflict
Tim Benton, The many faces of food security
Book reviews
Christopher Finlay, Fighting hurt: rule and exception in torture and war. By Henry Shue
Paul Cartledge, Political vices. By Mark E. Button
Sumantra Maitra, From Washington to Moscow: US-Soviet relations and the collapse of the USSR. By Louis Sell
Bogdan C. Iacob, Beyond the divide: entangled histories of Cold War Europe. Edited by Simo Mikkonen and Pia Koivunen
Anand Menon, International organizations and military affairs. By Hylke Dijkstra
Terry Babcock-Lumish, Rise of the machines: a cybernetic history. By Thomas Rid
Anthony King, Social science goes to war: the Human Terrain System in Iraq and Afghanistan. Edited by Montgomery McFate and Janice H. Laurence
Andrew M. Dorman, The future of extended deterrence: the United States, NATO, and beyond. Edited by Stéfanie von Hlatky and Andreas Wenger
Beatrice Heuser, War with Russia. By General Sir Richard Shirreff: Ghost fleet: a novel of the next world war. By P. W. Singer and August Cole
Michele Acuto, Holidays in the danger zone: entanglements of war and tourism. By Debbie Lisle
Ryan Shaffer, Shaper nations: strategies for a changing world. Edited by William I. Hitchcock, Melvyn P. Leffler and Jeffrey W. Legro
Simon Curtis, Connectography: mapping the global network revolution. By Parag Khanna
Trevor Taylor, The politics of innovation: why some countries are better than others at science and technology. By Mark Zachary Taylor
Alex McLaughlin, Reason in a dark time: why the struggle against climate change failed – and what it means for our future. By Dale Jamieson
John Vogler, An unfinished foundation: the United Nations and global environmental governance. By Ken Conca
Spyros Economides, The European External Action Service and national foreign ministries: convergence or divergence? Edited by Rosa Balfour, Caterina Carta and Kristi Raik: EU foreign policy through the lens of discourse analysis: making sense of diversity. Edited by Caterina Carta and Jean-Frédéric Morin: The diplomatic system of the European Union: evolution, change and challenges. Edited by Michael Smith, Stephan Keukeleire and Sophie Vanhoonacker: The European External Action Service: European diplomacy post-Westphalia. Edited by David Spence and Jozef Bátora
Alexander Bürgin, Europe’s long energy journey: towards an energy union? By David Buchan and Malcolm Keay
S. N. MacFarlane, Historically inevitable? Turning points of the Russian Revolution. Edited by Tony Brenton
Vladimir Tismaneanu, The last days of Stalin. By Joshua Rubenstein
James Denselow, Syria. By Samer N. Abboud
Kristian Coates-Ulrichsen, Saudi Arabian foreign policy: conflict and cooperation. Edited by Neil Partrick
Howard A. Patten, Israel and Palestine: alternative perspectives on statehood. Edited by John Ehrenberg and Yoav Peled
Tim Willasey-Wilsey, The army of Afghanistan: a political history of a fragile institution. By Antonio Giustozzi
Raj Verma, China, India and the future of the international society. Edited by Jamie Gaskarth
Tim Summers, Rethinking the triangle: Washington–Beijing–Taipei. Edited by Brantly Womack and Yufan Hao
Kai Chen, Non-traditional security challenges in Asia: approaches and responses. Edited by Shebonti Ray Dadwal and Uttam Kumar Sinha: Think tanks and non-traditional security: governance entrepreneurs in Asia. By Erin Zimmerman
Antonio Perra, Blind spot: America’s response to radicalism in the Middle East. Edited by Nicholas Burns and Jonathon Price
Nicolas Bouchet, Mission failure: America and the world in the post-Cold War era. By Michael Mandelbaum
Kathryn Hochstetler, A fragmented continent: Latin America and the global politics of climate change. By Guy Edwards and J. Timmons Roberts
Philip Chrimes, Nicaragua: navigating the politics of democracy. By David Close
Index of Books Reviewed
Annual index

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