27 avril 2017

REVUE : International Criminal Law Review (vol. 17, n°2, 2017)

Kadidiatou HAMA

The n°2 of the volume 17 (2017) of the International Criminal Law Review is out.

Michelle Leanne Burgis-Kasthala, Introduction: How Should We Study International Criminal Law? Reflections on the Potentialities and Pitfalls of Interdisciplinary Scholarship
Mikkel Jarle Christensen, Preaching, Practicing and Publishing International Criminal Justice: Academic Expertise and the Development of an International Field of Law 
Immi Tallgren, Come and See? The Power of Images and International Criminal Justice 
Sara Dezalay, Weakness as Routine in the Operations of the Intentional Criminal Court 
Peerce McManus, Enemy of Mankind or Just No Powerful Friends Left? Insights from International Relations about the Efficacy of the ICC 
Rosemary Grey, Interpreting International Crimes from a ‘Female Perspective’: Opportunities and Challenges for the International Criminal Court 
Christoph Sperfeldt, Rome’s Legacy: Negotiating the Reparations Mandate of the International Criminal Court 
Cynthia Banham, Alternative Sites of Accountability for Torture: The Publication of War on Terror Books as ‘Memory-Justice’ 
Michelle Jarvis, The Practice of International Criminal Law. Some Reflections from an ICTY Prosecutor

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