27 avril 2017

REVUE : International Criminal Law Review (vol. 17, n°1, 2017)

Kadidiatou HAMA

The n°1 of the volume 17 (2017) of the International Criminal Law Review is out.

Laurence R. Helfer, Anne E. Showalter, Opposing International Justice: Kenya’s Integrated Backlash Strategy against the ICC 
Rosa Ana Alija Fernández, Jaume Saura Estapà, Towards a Single and Comprehensive Notion of ‘Civilian Population’ in Crimes against Humanity 
David Lowe, The European Union’s Passenger Name Record Data Directive 2016/681: Is it Fit for Purpose? 
Ahmed Samir Hassanein, Self-referral of Situations to the International Criminal Court: Complementarity in Practice – Complementarity in Crisis 
Maria Pichou, Between Pragmatism and Normativity: Legal Standards for Issuing Subpoenas and Witnesses Summonses in International Criminal Procedure 
Francesca Capone, ‘Worse’ than Child Soldiers? A Critical Analysis of Foreign Children in the Ranks of ISIL 
Windell Nortje, Victim or Villain: Exploring the Possible Bases of a Defence in the Ongwen Case at the International Criminal Court 
Marie-Alice D’Aoust, Sexual and Gender-based Violence in International Criminal Law: A Feminist Assessment of the Bemba Case

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