In viewing international law through the lens of Kelsen’s theory Jörg Kammerhofer demonstrates the importance of the theoretical dimension for the study of international law and offers a critique of the recent trend towards pragmatism and eclecticism in international legal scholarship. The unique aspect of the monograph is that it is the only book to apply the Pure Theory of Law as theoretical approach to international law, rather than simply being a piece of intellectual history describing it.
This book will of great interest to students and scholars of public international law, legal theory and jurisprudence.

1. Introduction
2. Self-defence under the United Nations Charter
3. Customary international law
4. Interpretation and modification
5. Conflict of norms in international law
6. A constitution for international law
7. The inevitable Grundnorm

Jörg KAMMERHOFER, Uncertainty in International Law: a Kelsenian Perspective, Routledge, 2010 (304 pp.)

Jörg Kammerhofer is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.