18 juillet 2016

REVUE : Journal of International Economic Law (vol. 19, n°2, June 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Journal of International Economic Law (vol. 19, n°2, June 2016) is out.


R. Michael Gadbaw, Editor’s Note
Robert B. Thompson, John Jackson’s Legacy: Defining a Field 
Thomas Cottier, John H. Jackson, Sovereignty-Modern and the Constitutional Approach to International Law 
Tomer Broude, A Field of his Own: John Jackson and the Consolidation of International Economic Law as a Scholarly Domain 
William J. Davey, John Jackson and the Rule of Law  
Peter L.H. Van den Bossche, John H. Jackson and WTO Dispute Settlement 
Debra P. Steger, John H. Jackson—WTO Institution Builder 
Isabelle Van Damme, Professor John H. Jackson and the Normative Challenges of the WTO 
Reto Malacrida, Call It the ‘WTO Charter’: John Jackson and His Abiding Concern for Treaty Nomenclature and Structure  
Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Worthy of a Nobel: An Appreciation of John H. Jackson 
Mitsuo Matsushita, Implementing International Trade Agreements in Domestic Jurisdictions 
Roberto Echandi, The Impact of an Idea: John Jackson’s Striving for a Rule-Oriented International Economic System 
Edna Ramirez-Robles, Professor John H. Jackson’s contributions to Development in WTO Law 
Edith Brown Weiss, Integrating Environment and Trade 
Rosa M. Lastra, The Coming of Age of International Monetary and Financial Law after the Global Financial Crisis 
Sean Hagan, Expanding the IMF’s Regulatory Authority—Incrementally 
Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, WTO and Non-Trade Issues: Inside/Outside WTO 
Andrew D. Mitchell & Tania Voon, Professor John H. Jackson: The WTO and Public International Law 
Francis G. Jacobs, International Economic Law and Human Rights 
Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann, Why Treaty Interpretation and Adjudication Require ‘Constitutional Mind-Sets’ 
Luiz O. Baptista, John H. Jackson 
Marco Bronckers & Reinhard Quick, John Jackson as a Teacher 
Gary Horlick, John Jackson as a Resource for Scholars and Others 
Pieter Jan Kuijper, John Jackson’s Contribution to the WTO as Organization: A Personal Reminiscence 
Joseph J. Norton, The Fall of ‘71 and the Old Quad: A Personal Tribute to Professor John H. Jackson 
Yasuhei Taniguchi, Memory of Professor John Jackson since 1962


Ji Yeong Yoo & Dukgeun Ahn, Security Exceptions in the WTO System: Bridge or Bottle-Neck for Trade and Security? 
Julien Sylvestre Fleury & Jean-Michel Marcoux, The US Shaping of State-Owned Enterprise Disciplines in the Trans-Pacific Partnership 
Gracia Marín Durán, Measures with Multiple Competing Purposes after EC – Seal Products: Avoiding a Conflict between GATT Article XX-Chapeau and Article 2.1 TBT Agreement 
Arnoud R. Willems & Bregt Natens, What’s Wrong with EU Anti-Circumvention Rules and How to Fix it 
Jochem de Kok, The Future of EU Trade Defence Investigations against Imports from China

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