24 juin 2017

OUVRAGE : G. Adinolfi, F. Baetens, J. Caiado, A. Lupone, A.G. Micara (eds.), International Economic Law: Contemporary Issues


This volume scrutinises the main challenges faced by States in their current international economic relations from an interdisciplinary perspective. It combines legal research with political and economic analysis and favours dialogue among scientific disciplines. Readers are offered a series of in-depth studies on a rich variety of topics: how to reconcile States’ interest to benefit from economic liberalization with their need to pursue social goals (such as the protection of human rights or of the environment); recent developments under WTO law and regional integration processes; international cooperation in the energy sector; national regulatory developments in the banking sector, sovereign wealth funds and investor-State arbitration.

Niall Moran, The First Twenty Cases Under GATT Article XX: Tuna or Shrimp Dear? 
Domenico Pauciulo, Remarks on the Practice of Regional Development Banks’ (RDBs) Accountability Mechanisms and the Safeguard of Human Rights 
Amalie Giødesen Thystrup, Güneş Ünüvar, A Waiver for Europe? CETA’s Trade in Services, and Investment Protection Provisions and Their Legal-Political Implications on Regulatory Competence 
Sunita Tripathy, The Human Right to Health: Reflecting on the Implications of IPRs as Endorsed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement 
Tilahun E. Kassahun, Can (and) Should the WTO Tame Private Standards? Antitrust Mechanism as an Alternative Roadmap: Lessons from the WTO Telecommunications Reference Paper 
Belisa Esteca Eleoterio, Alebe Linhares Mesquita, The Twenty-First Century Regionalism: Brazil and Mercosur in the New International Scenario 
Anna G. Micara, Regionalization Within the SPS Agreement: Recent Developments 
Johannes Norpoth, The Mutually Agreed Solution Between Indonesia and the United States in US – Clove Cigarettes: A Case of Efficient Breach (or Power Politics)? 
Natasha A.Georgiou, Energy Regulation in International Trade: Legal Challenges in EU–Russia Energy Relations from an Investment Protection Perspective 
Jean-François Mayoraz, Renewable Energy and WTO Subsidy Rules: The Feed-In Tariff Scheme of Switzerland 
Anna Marhold, The Nexus Between the WTO and the ECT in Global Energy Governance 
Francesco Montanaro, “Ain’t No Sunshine”: Photovoltaic Energy Policy in Europe at the Crossroads Between EU Law and Energy Charter Treaty Obligations 
Elisabetta Cervone, The Final Volcker Rule and Its Impact Across the Atlantic: The Shaping of Extraterritoriality in a World of Dynamic Structural Banking Reforms 
Olga Gerlich, More Than a Friend? The European Commission’s Amicus Curiae Participation in Investor-State Arbitration 
Xenia Karametaxas, Sovereign Wealth Funds as Socially Responsible Investors

Giovanna ADINOLFI, Freya BAETENS, José CAIADO, Angela LUPONE, Anna G. MICARA (eds.), International Economic Law: Contemporary Issues, Berlin, Springer, 2017 (288 pp.)

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