27 juin 2017

REVUE : Human Rights Law Review (vol. 17, n°1, March 2017)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the Human Rights Law Review (vol. 17, n°1, March 2017) is out.

Christine Bicknell, A Hydra in Detention Settings: A Context-Based Inquiry of Corruption’s Many Heads 
Patrick van Berlo, The Protection of Asylum Seekers in Australian-Pacific Offshore Processing: The Legal Deficit of Human Rights in a Nodal Reality 
Thomas Voland, Britta Schiebel, Advisory Opinions of the European Court of Human Rights: Unbalancing the System of Human Rights Protection in Europe? 
Lize R. Glas, The European Court of Human Rights’ Use of Non-Binding and Standard-Setting Council of Europe Documents 
Katja S. Ziegler, Immunity versus Human Rights: The Right to a Remedy after Benkharbouche 
Federica Favuzza, Torreggiani and Prison Overcrowding in Italy 
Kai Ambos, The Crime of Genocide and the Principle of Legality under Article 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights

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