The Committee members are international academics and legal practitioners, including judges. According to the a press release, the Committee “base(d) its findings on a visit to Gaza, during which it interviewed victims and witnesses of the conflict and visited sites of destruction, and on official publications of the Israeli government and NGO's operating in the Territory.” The report notes that the evidence obtained during the visit “showed convincingly that the IDF had failed to distinguish between military and civilian targets in killing over 1,400 Palestinians (of which at least 850 were civilians, including 300 children and 110 women) and wounding over 5,000, and in destroying over 3,000 homes, damaging a further 11,000 and destroying or damaging hospitals, mosques, schools, factories, businesses, UN properties and government buildings.”
In its report, the Committee noted the investigation instituted by Israel and “rejected the conclusions of this investigation on the grounds that it was not an independent investigation, that it failed to consider most of the allegations made against the IDF and that it had not had regard to Palestinian sources.” The Committee also considered the issue whether IDF had committed acts of genocide, but found that “while IDF actions met some of the requirements for the crime of genocide, Israel lacked the necessary special intention to destroy in whole or in part a national or ethnical group as required by the Genocide Convention because its operation had been motivated by an intention to collectively punish the people of Gaza in order to compel the population to reject Hamas or subdue the population into a state of submission.”
The Committee issued a number of recommendations to the League, including, among others, that the United Nations Security Council refer the situation in Gaza to the International Criminal Court and that the United Nations General Assembly “ask for an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice on the legal consequences of Operation Cast Lead.”