Janine Natalya Clark
Peace, Justice and the International Criminal Court: Limitations and Possibilities
Alejandro Chehtman
Developing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Capacity to Process War Crimes Cases: Critical Notes on a ‘Success Story’
Robert Roth and Françoise Tulkens
Françoise Tulkens
The Paradoxical Relationship between Criminal Law and Human Rights
Emmanuel Decaux
The Place of Human Rights Courts and International Criminal Courts in the International System
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Synergy or Fragmentation?: International Criminal Law and the European Convention on Human Rights
Olivier de Frouville
The Influence of the European Court of Human Rights’ Case Law on International Criminal Law of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
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The Rights and Interests of the Defence in the Pre-Trial Phase
Damien Scalia
Long-Term Sentences in International Criminal Law: Do They Meet the Standards Set Out by the European Court of Human Rights?
Andrew Clapham
Concluding Remarks: Three Tribes Engage on the Future of International Criminal Law
National Prosecution of International Crimes: Cases and Legislation
Nehal C. Bhuta and Volker Nerlich
Enrique Carnero Rojo
National Legislation Providing for the Prosecution and Punishment of International Crimes in Spain
Josep María Tamarit Sumalla
Transition, Historical Memory and Criminal Justice in Spain
Peter Burbidge
Waking the Dead of the Spanish Civil War: Judge Baltasar Garzón and the Spanish Law of Historical Memory