3 avril 2013

REVUE : International Theory (vol. 5, n°1, March 2013)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of International Theory (vol. 5, n°1, March 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Steven Ratner, Ethics and international law: integrating the global justice project(s)
  • Seva Gunitsky, Complexity and theories of change in international politics
  • Magnus Reitberger, License to kill: is legitimate authority a requirement for just war?
  • Symposium: The politics of international recognition
    • Hans Agné, Introduction
    • Jens Bartelson, Three concepts of recognition
    • Eva Erman, The recognitive practices of declaring and constituting statehood
    • Thomas Lindemann, The case for an empirical and social-psychological study of recognition in international relations
    • Oliver Kessler & Benjamin Herborth, Recognition and the constitution of social order
    • Christine Chwaszcza, ‘Recognition’: some analytical remarks
    • Mikulas Fabry, Theorizing state recognition
    • Stephen D. Krasner, Recognition: organized hypocrisy once again 

International Theory 

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