12 octobre 2013

REVUE : Austrian Review of International and European Law (vol. 15, 2010)

David ROY

The latest volume of the Austrian Review of International and European Law (vol. 15, 2010) is out. Contents include:
  • Agora: Humanitarian Disarmament
    • Bonnie Docherty, Ending Civilian Suffering: The Purpose, Provisions, and Promise of Humanitarian Disarmament Law
    • Dinah Shelton, Normative Evolution in Corporate Liability for Violations of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
    • Richard Moyes & Brian Rappert, Looking Inwards and Looking Outwards – Specific Challenges and Strategic Directions From the Prohibition of Cluster Munitions
    • Michael Schoiswohl, Human Rights and Disarmament – A Blind Date or a Shotgun Marriage?
    • Peter Weiss, A Legal Path to a Nuclear Weapons Free World
    • Rebecca Johnson, Linking Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Disarmament Action: The Case for a Nuclear Weapons Convention
    • Karl Zemanek, Response to a Terrorist Attack – A Clarification of Issues

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