19 novembre 2013

OUVRAGE : B.J. Condon, T. Sinha, The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance

Rafael do PRADO

Climate change presents an unprecedented global challenge, and impacts upon a wide range of human economic activity. The issue of how to address climate change in developing countries has provoked international political controversy and the urgent need for effective international responses has become increasingly apparent. The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance addresses the growing number of legal and economic issues that arise with respect to climate change, combining analysis from economic, financial, and legal perspectives.  

The book assesses how the World Trade Organization, international investment law, and the international intellectual property rights regime approach the economic issues raised by climate change. The authors analyse how climate change regulation interacts with international economic law, and consider how financial instruments and insurance can mitigate the risks posed by climate change and facilitate adaptation. It breaks new ground in considering the financial sector's response to climate change, looking at how market mechanisms and risk insurance can reduce its economic cost.


Robert Curl: Foreword
1: Introduction
2: Overview of the Climate Change Challenge
3: World Trade Organization (WTO) Law
4: Intellectual Property Rights
5: Foreign Investment Law
6: Economics of Climate Change
7: Implications of Climate Change for the Financial Industry
8: Climate Finance
9: Conclusion

The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance

Bradly J. CONDON, Tapen SINHA, The Role of Climate Change in Global Economic Governance, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013 (288 pp.)

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