9 février 2014

REVUE : International Review of the Red Cross (vol. 94, n°888, Winter 2012)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the International Review of the Red Cross (vol. 94, n°888, Winter 2012) is out. The theme is "ICRC: 150 years of Humanitarian Action." Contents include:
  • Interview
    • Interview with Peter Maurer, President of the ICRC
  • Perspectives on the ICRC
    • John B. Bellinger, III, Observations on the 150th anniversary of the ICRC
    • Sami El-haj, A Guantanamo detainee's perspective
    • Kristalina Georgieva, The indispensable organization
    • António Guterres, Forced displacement and the role of the ICRC: perspectives for the twenty-first century
    • Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Thirty years of working within the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in a country affected by conflict
    • Ban Ki-moon, The ICRC and the changing humanitarian landscape
    • Tommy Koh, The ICRC at 150: reflections of an Asian admirer
    • Ms Farzana Sadat 30, beneficiary of the ICRC orthopaedic programme in Afghanistan
    • Matthias Schmale, Reflections on the ICRC's present and future role in addressing humanitarian crises
    • James G. Stavridis, Working towards a better world
  • Turning points in the history of the ICRC and the Movement
    • Daniel Palmieri, An institution standing the test of time? A review of 150 years of the history of the International Committee of the Red Cross
    • François Bugnion, Birth of an idea: the founding of the International Committee of the Red Cross and of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: from Solferino to the original Geneva Convention (1859–1864)
    • Stefanie Haumer, 1863: the creation of the first National Society at the beginning of the Movement's history
  • In Folio
    • Valérie Gorin, Looking back over 150 years of humanitarian action: the photographic archives of the ICRC
    • Sébastien Farré, The ICRC and the detainees in Nazi concentration camps (1942–1945)
    • Marie-Luce Desgrandchamps, ‘Organising the unpredictable’: the Nigeria–Biafra war and its impact on the ICRC
    • Katharine Fortin, Complementarity between the ICRC and the United Nations and international humanitarian law and international human rights law, 1948–1968
  • The ICRC Today
    • Olivier Dubois, Katharine Marshall & Siobhan Sparkes McNamara, New technologies and new policies: the ICRC's evolving approach to working with separated families
    • Geoff Loane, A new challenge or a new role? The ICRC in Northern Ireland
    • Peter Maurer, Challenges to international humanitarian law: Israel's occupation policy
    • Alan Baker, International humanitarian law, ICRC and Israel's status in the Territories
  • Comments and Opinions
    • Rony Brauman, Médecins Sans Frontières and the ICRC: matters of principle
    • Paul Bouvier, Humanitarian care and small things in dehumanised places

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