10 mai 2014

REVUE : Japanese Yearbook of International Law (vol. 56, 2013)


The latest volume of the 
Japanese Yearbook of International Law (vol. 56, 2013) is out.

Contents include:
  • The Role of Prominent Jurists in Japan's Engagement with International Law, 1853-1945
    • Masaharu Yanagihara, Introduction: The Role of Prominent Jurists in Japan's Engagement with International Law, 1853-1945
    • Lam Hok-chung, Learning the New Law, Envisioning the new World: Meiji Japan's Reading of Henry Wheaton
    • Han Sang-hee, Yukichi Fukuzawa (135-1901) — Revisiting Fukuzawa from a Comparative Perspective
    • Anthony Carty, Thomas Baty: An International Lawyer as Public Intellectual between Imperial Japan and the Republic of China
    • Masaharu Yanagihawa, Mineitciro Adatci (1869-1934): His Concept of International Adjudication
    • Akashi Kinji, Sakutaro Tachi: A Blend of Scholarship and Practionership, and Its Fate in Japan
    • Masahiro Kurosaki & Akira Mayama, Juji Enomono: The Case of an International Lawyer in the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • Historical Perspective of Japanese Private International Law
    • Yoshiaki Sakurada, The Origin and Evolution of Private International Law in Japan
    • Aki Kitazawa, Nobushige Hozumi and Saburo Yamada — The Enactment of the Horei of 1898
    • Jun'ichi Akiba, The Beginning and Development of Japanese Doctrines on the Private International Law — Koichi Yamaguchi (1866-1945) and Iwataro Kubo (1897-1980)
    • Keisuke Takeshita, Sadajiro Atobe and Kotaro Tanaka: The Universal Private International Law School of Thought in Japan
    • Dai Yokomizo, Hidebumi Egawa: Founder if the International Tradition in the Japanese Conflict of Laws
  • The Great East Japan Earthquake and International Law
    • Rokuichiro Michii, The International Legal Framework for Liability and Compensation for Damage from Nuclear Accidents — History, Present Challenges, and Future Course
    • Wolfrum Tonhauser & Anthony Wetherall, The International Atomic Energy Agency and the International Legal Framework for Nuclear Safety

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