2 juillet 2014

REVUE : European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (vol. 1, 2014)

Hans-Jürgen ZAHORKA

From this issue of EUFAJ we welcome Frederic Labarre as new editor. He is a seasoned security policy expert from Ottawa/Canada, with a lot of experience in European countries and in NATO Partnership for Peace. In addition, we are happy to welcome Ofelya Sargsyan, too, who after her second M.A. degree at Flensburg University/Germany entered LIBERTAS - European Institute GmbH as Political Analyst and Junior Editor for EUFAJ where she will contribute significantly to this journal. This underlines also that we are aware that and how the South Caucasus region - where she comes from Yerevan/Armenia - will be in the focus of EU foreign policy in the next years. Both new colleagues are portrayed shortly on www.eufaj.eu. 

The topical events around the Eastern Partnership and Ukraine in particular justify that we dedicate one of our accents of this issue to the Russian government and the Eurasian Union, and another one to development policy. While the latter should not be lost "in routine", the Eurasian Union would be, in general, a legitimate objective as a regional integration. However, successful integrations have always been launched on a voluntary basis. 

And for conflict management and development policy it should be mentioned, that we in this number publish a new approach for conflict management (or conflict prevention) by the Swiss author Alec Schaerer, a road map for introducing a Green Economy - at the example of Trinidad and Tobago - and a contribution on the rights-based approach in development. 


The EU Internal Market in 10 Years Perspective from Accession of Ten Central and Eastern European Countries in 2004 - Lessons Learned for Eastern Partnership Partner States
Ofelya Sargsyan & Hans-Jürgen Zahorka

Russia under Putin and the Eurasian Union: An Impossible Possibility?
Hans-Jürgen Zahorka

Belarusian Identity: The Impact of Lukashenka’s Rule
Vadzim Smok

The Commonwealth of Independent States in Sequence of the Former USSR: A Tool for the Formation of the Eurasian Union?
Tsoghik Khachatryan

Forming a New Energy Security Alliance in North-Eastern Europe
Katerina Nosova

Transitioning from a Fossil-Fuel to a Green Economy: Government Policy for Private Sector Participation in Trinidad and Tobago
Alan Cooper

The Right to Development and Rights-Based Approach to Development: Two Mutually Reinforcing Concepts?
Anush Hayrapetyan

Stabilizing the Dynamics in the Global Socio-Economic System: Categorial Clarification for Exhaustive Transparency and Sustainability
Alec Schaerer


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