31 août 2014

REVUE : International Criminal Law Review (vol. 14, n°4-5, 2014)

Kadidiatou HAMA

The latest issue of the International Criminal Law Review (vol. 14, n°4-5, 2014) is out. Contents include:
  • On the Philosophy of International Criminal Law
    • Anja Matwijkiw, Introduction: On the Philosophy of International Criminal Law
    • Peg Birmingham, Hannah Arendt’s Philosophy of Law Approach to International Criminal Law
    • Samuel Moyn, Judith Shklar on the Philosophy of International Criminal Law
    • Giorgio Bongiovanni, Giovanni Sartor & Chiara Valentini, Philosophy of Law and International Criminal Law: Between Peace and Morality
    • Larry May, A Hobbesian Defense of International Criminal Law
    • Michael Davis, Between Peace and War: The Moral Justification of State-Sanctioned Killing of Another State’s Civilian Officials
    • Alejandro Chehtman, Contemporary Approaches to the Philosophy of Crimes against Humanity
    • Ryan Long, Responsibility, Authority, and the Community of Moral Agents in Domestic and International Criminal Law
    • Erasmus Mayr, International Criminal Law, Causation, and Responsibility
    • Steve Viner, Justice and Recognizing the Rights of States
    • Zachary Hoskins, Punishing States and the Spectre of Guilt by Association
    • Henrik Palmer Olsen & Stuart Toddington, The End of an Era: Static and Dynamic Interpretation in International Courts
    • Anja Matwijkiw & Bronik Matwijkiw, Stakeholder Applications

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