16 octobre 2014

OUVRAGE : D. Sarooshi (ed.), Remedies and Responsibility for the Actions of International Organizations

Catherine MAIA

The law of international organizations is undergoing profound changes. This has been caused in large part by the increasingly important role that international organizations have played in exercising powers conferred on them by national Governments. This phenomenon has led to concerted attempts by States, international courts and tribunals, and domestic courts to seek to ensure accountability for these exercises of power by imposing corresponding limits on international organizations.

This volume is focused on several key aspects of this accountability process: the content of the rules of international law relating to when an international organization can be held responsible for its breach of a primary rule of international law (the law codified in the UN draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organizations), when an international organization can plead immunity from jurisdiction of national and possibly international tribunals, and what remedies can be taken against an international organization.

The chapters in this volume are the result of research conducted by outstanding junior academics who were participants in the 2011 Centre for Studies and Research in International Law and International Relations of the Hague Academy of International Law.

  • Dan Sarooshi, International Organizations: Personality, Immunities and Responsibility. Report of the Director of Studies
  • Yifeng Chen, Attribution, Causation and Responsibility of International Organizations
  • Giulia Pinzauti, It Takes Two to Tango: States’ Conferral of Powers on International Organizations and Its Implications for the Responsibility of the Organization and Its Members
  • Irène Couzigou, La relation de mandat entre États et organisations internationales et ses conséquences sur la responsabilité des organisations internationales
  • Martina Šmuclerová, The Differing Legal Relationships Between States and International Organizations and Their Implications for International Organizations’ Responsibility: Delegation of Powers to States
  • Marjorie Beulay, Les limitations portées aux actes des organisations internationales : le cas des administrations internationales de territoires contrôlées par les Nations Unies et de leurs hauts représentants
  • Svetlana Zasova, La responsabilité pénale des agents des organisations internationales
  • Joana Abrisketa Uriarte, The Responsibility of International Organizations and International and European Courts and Tribunals: Judicial Review of Security Council Resolutions
  • Simone Vezzani, Le règlement par voie d’arbitrage des différends portant sur la responsabilité des organisations internationales
  • Vaios Koutroulis, Entre la non-interférence et le contrôle judicaire : l’équilibrisme des juridictions nationales face aux actes des organisations internationales
  • Tobias H. Irmscher, Immunities and the Right of Access to Court. Conflict and Convergence
  • Matthieu Aldjima Namountougou, La renonciation des organisations internationales à leurs immunités
  • Christiane Ahlborn, Remedies Against International Organizations. A Relational Account Of International Responsibility

Dan SAROOSHI (ed.), Remedies and Responsibility for the Actions of International Organizations / Mesures de réparation et responsabilité à raison des actes des organisations internationales, La Haye, Brill/Nijhoff, 2014 (752 pp.)

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