25 mars 2015

OUVRAGE : R. Virzo, I. Ingravallo (eds.), Evolutions in the Law of International Organizations


Because of their increasing prevalence and diversity, International Organizations (IOs) are one of the most striking legal phenomena in contemporary international law. Evolutions in the Law of International Organizations, is a collection of essays discussing the ever-changing nature of IOs. It covers all the many considerable practical evolutions in the law of, offers a discussion of theoretical issues and proposes solutions to many crucial problems related to these institutional developments. The book explores controversial institutional issues arising from recent developments in the complex international practice of IOs and includes contributions about the definition of IOs, the role of "soft" IOs and regional IOs, the reformation of international financial institutions, and the liability of IOs for their actions, among others.


General Introduction, Niels Blocker

Part 1
Evolutions in the Models of International Organizations - Recent Developments
The Intergovernmental Organization and the Institutionalization of International Relations, Marie-Clotide Runavot 
About Soft International Organizations, Angela Di Stasi 
International Regional Organizations, Piero Pennetta 
Universalism and Regionalism in the H,istory of the United Nations and of Specialized Agencies,  Alessandro Polsi 
The Activities for the Maintenance of International Peace in the Relationship between the United Nations and Regional Organizations, Giovanni Cellamare 
Islam and International Organizations, Víctor Luis Gutiérrez Castillo & Jonatán Cruz Ángeles 
The International Financial Crisis and the Evolution of the Bretton Woods Institutions, Susanna Cafaro 
The Evolution of the Banking Supervision Architecture in Europe, Concetta Brescia Morra 
The Protection of Non-economic Values and the Evolution of International Economic Organizations, Maria Rosaria Mauro 
The Changing Form of the International Law Commission's Work, Jacob Katz Cogan

Part 2
Evolution in the Institutional Law of International Organizations - Selected Issues
The Proliferation of Institutional Acts of International Organizations, Roberto Virzo 
The League of Nations and the Emergence of Privileges and Immunities of International Organizations, Vittorio Mainetti 
International Organizations and Immunity from Legal Process, Massimo Francesco Orzan 
Responsibility for Human Rights Violations by International Organizations, Guillaume Le Floch 
The Control Criterion between Responsibility of States and Responsibility of International Organizations, Pietro Pustorino 
International Organizations and Gender Discrimination, Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol 
Handle with Care! The Succession between International Organizations, Ivan Ingravallo 
Settlement of Disputes by International Courts and Tribunals of Regional International Organizations, Elisa Tino 
The Right of Access to Justice for the Staff of International Organizations, Daniele Gallo 

Roberto VIRZO, Ivan INGRAVALLO (eds.), Evolutions in the Law of International Organizations, Leiden, Brill/Nijhoff, 2015 (547 pp.)

Roberto VirzoPh.D. (2003), University of Bari, is an Associate Professor of International Law at University of Sannio, a visiting Professor of International Law of the Sea at University of Florida, and an Adjunct Professor of Law of International Organizations at LUISS University. His previous publications include Il regolamento delle controversie nel diritto del mare: rapporti tra procedimenti (CEDAM, 2008) as well as several articles on international law.

Ivan Ingravallo, Ph.D. (2002), University of Teramo, is an Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Bari Aldo Moro. He has published several articles on international law and EU law as well as a monograph entitled Il Consiglio di Sicurezza e l'amministrazione diretta di territori (Editoriale Scientifica, 2008).

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