3 septembre 2015

OUVRAGE : A. Bellal (ed.), The War Report Armed Conflict in 2014

Annyssa BELLAL

This War Report provides detailed information on every armed conflict which took place during 2014, offering an unprecedented overview of the nature, range, and impact of these conflicts and the legal issues they created.

In Part I the Report describes its criteria for the identification and classification of armed conflicts under international law, and the legal consequences that flow from this classification. It sets out a list of armed conflicts in 2014, categorising each as international, non-international, or a military occupation, with estimates of civilian and military casualties. In Part II, each of these conflicts are examined in more detail, with an overview of the belligerents, means and methods of warfare, the applicable treaties and rules, and any prosecutions for, investigations into, or robust allegations of war crimes.

Part III of the Report provides detailed thematic analysis of key legal developments which arose in the context of these conflicts, allowing for a more in-depth reflection on cross-cutting questions and controversies. The Report gives a full and accessible overview of armed conflicts in 2014. It should be the first port of call for everyone working in the field.

Part I. Summary

Part II. Armed Conflict Profiles

Part III. Thematic Chapters

1. Hilary Stauffer, The CIA Torture Report: Was there a Method in the Madness?

2. Megan Burke and Loren Persi Vicentic, Gender Perspectives in Armed Conflicts in 2014

3. Sharon Weill and Valentina, The 2014 Gaza War: Reflections on Conflict in Gaza

4. Antonio Coco and Jean-Baptiste Maillart, The Conflict with Islamic State: A Critical Review of International Legal Issues

5. Kristin Hausler, Refugees and Asylum Seekers from Conflict-Affected States

6. Marina Mattirolo, Protection of the Internally Displaced in Armed Conflict in 2014: A Critical Review of Law and Practice

7. Alex Conte, The Legality of Detention in Armed Conflict

8. Chiara Redaelli, Engaging with Drug Lords: Protecting Civilians in Colombia, Mexico and Honduras

9. Milena Costas Trascasas, Protecting the Right to Protest in Armed Conflict

10. Sylvie Girard, Youth as main victims and perpetrators of violence: are the mechanisms behind joining 'criminal' gangs similar to those for joining violent extremist groups?

11. Silvia Suteu, Extraordinary Rendition and the European Court of Human Rights

12. Ilia-Maria Siatitsa, National Trials of International Crimes in 2014: Prosecuting 'Refugees' suspected of International Crimes

13. Dru Beck, War Crimes Trials at Guantanamo Bay: Key Developments in 2014

14. Alice Priddy, Tackling impunity for sexual violence

15. Damien Scalia, A Review of the Work of the International Criminal Court in 2014

16. Valentina Cadelo, Transitional Justice Mechanisms: Challenges and Opportunities

The War Report Armed Conflict in 2014

Annyssa BELLAL (ed.), The War Report Armed Conflict in 2014,
Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2015
(816 pp.)

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