14 décembre 2015

OUVRAGE : S. Ntube Ngane, The Position of Witnesses before the International Criminal Court

Kadidiatou HAMA

The book is an evaluation of the doctrine and practice of international criminal courts and tribunals on the position of witnesses against a theoretically informed ideal of a cosmopolitan world order. It seeks to ascertain that there is a cosmopolitan international community, with shared values, that are instantiated in the international criminal tribunals, and that is what justifies the exercise of jurisdiction over witnesses who provide false testimony or engage in other forms of contempt of court. The book evaluates the practice of the International Criminal Court (ICC), the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Dedication Page
Table of Contents


Chapter One: Witnesses before a Cosmopolitan Criminal Court
1.1. Cosmopolitanism
1.2. Cosmopolitan courts and tribunals
1.3. Witnesses
1.4. Failings in the link between witnesses and the cosmopolitan vision
1.5. Argument for the ICC as a moral teacher
1.6. Conclusion

Chapter Two: International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

2.1. Witness Journey
2.2. Obligations
2.3. Criminal Sanctions
2.4. Conclusion
Chapter Three: International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
3.1. Witness journey
3.2. Duties attached to witnesses and the ICTR
3.3. Sanctions
3.4. Conclusion

Chapter Four: Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL)

4.1 Witness Journey
4.2. Obligations attached to witnesses
4.3. Sanctions
4.4. Conclusion

Chapter Five: The International Criminal Court (ICC) Witness Scheme

5.1. Witness journey
5.2. Cooperation
5.3. The Right to Protection
5.4. Responsibility of witnesses
5.5. Sanctions
5.6. Conclusion

Chapter Six: Lessons Learnt: The Cosmopolitan Witness and Court

6.1. General comments and lessons learnt
6.2 The role of witnesses and what this tells us about the system of global governance
6.3 Conclusion


Sylvia NTUBE NGANE, The Position of Witnesses before the International Criminal Court, Leiden, Brill/Nijhoff, 2015 (416 pp.)

Sylvia Ntube Ngane, Ph.D. (University of Leeds), Human Rights Officer, former Assistant Legal Officer ICC Registry/law clerk ICC Office of Prosecutor (OTP) and intern ICTY OTP. She has published on witnesses and international criminal tribunals.

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