11 juillet 2016

REVUE : American Journal of International Law (vol. 110, n°1, January 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the American Journal of International Law (vol. 110, n°1, January 2016) is out. 

Devika Hovell, Due Process in the United Nations 
Joseph W. Doherty & Richard H. Steinberg, Punishment and Policy in International Criminal Sentencing: An Empirical Study

Notes and Comments
Nienke Grossman, Achieving Sex-Representative International Court Benches

International Decisions
Eugene Kontorovich, Arctic Sunrise (Netherlands v. Russia); In re Arctic Sunrise (Netherlands v. Russia) 
John E. Noyes, In re Arbitration Between the Philippines and China 
Manuel Casas Martínez, Granier v. Venezuela

 Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law
Kristina Daugirdas & Julian Davis Mortenson, Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law

Recent Books on International Law
Curtis A. Bradley, reviewing The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities, by Stephen Breyer 
David M. Malone, reviewing The Law of Global Governance, by Eyal Benvenisti 
James A. R. Nafziger, reviewing The Assault on International Law, by Jens David Ohlin 
Peter J. Spiro, reviewing Nationality and Statelessness Under International Law, by Alice Edwards and Laura van Waas 
Kevin A. Baumert, reviewing The South China Sea Disputes and Law of the Sea, by S. Jayakumar, Tommy Koh, and Robert Beckman 
Paul Stephen Dempsey, reviewing The Principles and Practice of International Aviation Law, by Brian F. Havel and Gabriel S. Sanchez 

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