12 août 2016

REVUE : Journal of East Asia and International Law (vol. 9, n°1, Spring 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Journal of East Asia and International Law (vol. 9, n°1, Spring 2016) is out.

Issue Focus: Imperialism Haunting the Twenty-first Century’s International Law
M. Ya'kub Aiyub Kadir, Application of the Law of Self-Determination in a Postcolonial Context: A Guideline 
Ping Yi, The Final Splendour of an Aged Empire: Chinese Thought on International Law in the early Twentieth Century
Sangkul Kim, The Witness Protection Mechanism of Delayed Disclosure at the Ad Hoc International Criminal Tribunals 
Hazmi Rusli & R. Dremliuga & Wan I. Talaat, Legal Framework on the Marine Environment Protection of Straits Used for International Navigation: Has It Been Effective in the Straits of Malacca and Singapore?
Notes & Comments
Haifeng Deng & Chiyuan Chen, Common and Symmetrical Responsibility in Climate Change: A Bridging Mechanism for Adaptation and Mitigation 
M. Z. Mohd Nor & Anowar Zahid, Competing Interests in the Underwater Cultural Heritage: A Question of Balance
Regional Focus & Controversies: Right to ‘Innocent Passage’ of Warship in the South China Sea
Benjamin K. Wagner, Lessons from Lassen: Plotting a Proper Course for Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea 
Xinjun Zhang, The Latest Developments of the US Freedom of Navigation Programs in the South China Sea: Deregulation or Re-balance?
East Asian Observer
Brendan Howe, Japanese 'War Legislation': International and Domestic Threat Assessment 
Eric Yong Joong Lee, Can the SC Resolution 2270 Stop North Korea’s Nuclear Dilemma? From the Geneva Agreed Framework to the Washington Communiqué 
Le Duy Tran, Scenarios of the China's ADIZs above the South China Sea

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