25 octobre 2016

OUVRAGE : E. Fripp, Nationality and Statelessness in the International Law of Refugee Status


International refugee law anticipates state conduct in relation to nationality, statelessness, and protection. Refugee status under the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees 1951 and regional and domestic instruments referring to it can be fully understood only against the background of international laws regarding nationality, statelessness, and the consequences of national status or the lack of it. In this significant addition to the literature a leading practitioner in these fields examines, in the light of international law, key issues regarding refugee status including identification of 'the country of his nationality', concepts of 'effective nationality', and the inclusion within 'persecution' of a range of acts or omissions focused on nationality.


Part I. Background

1. Nationality, Citizenship, Statelessness
2. The Law of Refugee Status
3. Interpretation
 Part II. Interpretation of Relevant Provisions
4. Well-Founded Fear of Being Persecuted 'for Reasons of … Nationality'
5. Nationality and the Identifi cation of a Reference Country (or Countries
6. Persecution by Denial of Nationality
7. Cessation
8. Exclusion

Eric FRIPP, Nationality and Statelessness in the International Law of Refugee Status, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2016 (416 pp.)

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