21 octobre 2016

REVUE : European Union Foreign Affairs Journal (vol. 3, 2016)

Hans-Jürgen ZAHORKA

After some years we finally found the time to put our editorial policy in a few phrases. It should become a very short manifest only, and it is good to write it once the policy has been confirmed many times. Please see the text following this Editorial.

The highlights of this EUFAJ number are quite simple:

First the new EU Global Strategy for its foreign and security policy, then the Joint Declaration EU/NATO from 8th April 2016. This is a kind of documentary part.

Then the Eastern Partnership countries: Georgia's South Ossetia - a portrait with an accent on security policy, by Grazvydas Jasutis, a Lithuanian expert for the region, Azerbaijan's civil society and the Ukrainian humanitarian crisis, for which we are most grateful to our colleagues of "Ukraine Analytica".

Thirdly, the Eurasian integrtion and the EU, with a paper by the Europea Council of Foreign Relations, and a refreshing paper on the United States of Europe - by a student from the United States of America.

Finally the Russian-Chinese-Indian triangle, mainly under economic auspices.

Hans-Jürgen ZAHORKA
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Hans-Jürgen Zahorka
A Global Strategy for the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy: “Shared Vision, Common Action : A Stronger Europe” 
Joint Declaration EU-NATO from 8 July 2016 
The Destiny of South Ossetia: Between Independence and Integration into Russia, Gražvydas Jasutis 
Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Azerbaijan: Restrictive Laws, Criminal Prosecutions, Tax Penalties
Zohrab Ismayil & Ramute Remezaite

Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine as a Factor Destabilizing Domestic and Foreign Policy of the State
Iuliia Tsyrfa 
Eurasian Integration and the EU
Mathieu Duchâtel, François Godement, Kadri Liik, Jeremy Shapiro, Louisa Slavkova, Angela Stanzel &Vessela Tcherneva 
United States of Europe: The Future of the European Union - An American View
Patrick M. Katsaris 
The Sino-Russian Cooperation in Economy: A View from Russia
Veronika Bondareva 
India and China: Too Close for Comfort?
Laurence Vandewalle 
Three Themes that Can Hit the Chinese Engine - A View from India
Sourajit Aiyer 

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