15 décembre 2016

REVUE : European Journal of International Law (vol. 27, n°3, August 2016)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the European Journal of International Law (vol. 27, n°3, August 2016) is out.

JHHW, Continent in Crisis; There is Chutzpah and Then There is David Cameron; On My Way Out – Advice to Young Scholars III: Edited Books; From the Editor’s Mailbag; Conflicts of Interest in the Editorial Process; In this Issue

Turkuler Isiksel, European Exceptionalism and the EU’s Accession to the ECHR 
Nora Markard, The Right to Leave by Sea: Legal Limits on EU Migration Control by Third Countries 
Michal Saliternik, Perpetuating Democratic Peace: Procedural Justice in Peace Negotiations  
Armin Steinbach, The Trend towards Non-Consensualism in Public International Law: A (Behavioural) Law and Economics Perspective 
Daniel Augenstein, Paradise Lost: Sovereign State Interest, Global Resource Exploitation and the Politics of Human Rights 

New Voices: A Selection from the Fourth Annual Junior Faculty Forum for International Law 

Surabhi Ranganathan, Global Commons 

Deborah Whitehall, A Rival History of Self-Determination 
Philippa Webb, The Immunity of States, Diplomats and International Organizations in Employment Disputes: The New Human Rights Dilemma? 
Maria Varaki, Introducing a Fairness-Based Theory of Prosecutorial Legitimacy before the International Criminal Court 
Arman Sarvarian, Codifying the Law of State Succession: A Futile Endeavour? 

Roaming Charges: Places of Strife: The Graffiti Wall by Tahrir Square, Cairo 

Critical Review of International Jurisprudence 

Miles Jackson, Freeing Soering: The ECHR, State Complicity in Torture and Jurisdiction 

Review Essay 
Ingo Venzke, Cracking the Frame? On the Prospects of Change in a World of Struggle 

Alexandra Kemmerer, Editing Rosa: Luxemburg, the Revolution, and the Politics of Infantilization 

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