24 décembre 2016

REVUE : Global Trade and Customs Journal (vol. 11, n°9, 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of Global Trade and Customs Journal (vol. 11, n°9, 2016) is out.

Cherise M. Valles, The TBT Agreement: Where Did It Come from and Where Is It Going? 
Maria Alcover & Ana María Garcés, The Interpretation of ‘Treatment No Less Favourable’ Under Article III:4 of the GATT 1994 and Article 2.1 of the TBT Agreement: A Comparative Analysis 
Alejandro Sanchez & Karyn Sandra Aneno, Article 2.2 of the TBT Agreement: More Complicated than Necessary? 
Vitaliy Pogoretskyy & Tatiana Yanguas, From ‘Standard-Takers’ to ‘Standard-Makers’: Developing Countries and Least-Developed Countries’ Perspectives in the Harmonization of Technical Regulations Through International Standards 
Laichea Chea & Fernando Piérola, The Question of Private Standards in World Trade Organization Law 
Jan Bohanes, Kholofelo Kugler, & Maria Graciela Base, Sealing Off Asbestos: The Appellate Body’s Interpretation and Application of the ‘Product Characteristics’ Criterion Within the Definition of a ‘Technical Regulation’ in the TBT Agreement

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