18 février 2017

OUVRAGE : M. Happold, P. Eden (eds.), Economic Sanctions and International Law

Matthew HAPPOLD, Paul EDEN

In recent years sanctions have become an increasingly popular tool of foreign policy, not only at the multilateral level (at the UN), but also regionally (the EU in particular) and unilaterally. The nature of the measures imposed has also changed: from comprehensive sanctions regimes (discredited since Iraq in the 1990s) to 'targeted' or 'smart' sanctions, directed at specific individuals or entities (through asset freezes and travel bans) or prohibiting particular activities (arms embargoes and export bans). Bringing together scholars, government and private practitioners, Economic Sanctions and International Law provides an overview of recent developments and an analysis of the problems that they have engendered. Chapters examine the contemporary practice of the various actors, and the legality (or otherwise) of their activities. Issues considered include the human rights of persons targeted, and the mechanisms established to challenge their listing; as well as, in cases of sanctions imposed by regional organisations and individual states, the rights of third States and their nationals. 

Matthew Happold, Economic Sanctions and International Law: An Introduction 
Alexander Orakhelashvili, Sanctions and Fundamental Rights of States: The Case of EU Sanctions Against Iran and Syria 
Pierre-Emmanuel Dupont, Unilateral European Sanctions as Countermeasures: The Case of the EU Measures Against Iran 
Antonios Tzanakopoulos, State Reactions to Illegal Sanctions 
Matthew Happold, Targeted Sanctions and Human Rights 
Clemens A Feinäugle, UN Smart Sanctions and the UN Declaration on the Rule of Law 
Paul Eden, United Nations Targeted Sanctions, Human Rights and the Office of the Ombudsperson 
Luca Pantaleo, Sanctions Cases in the European Courts 
Rachel Barnes, United States Sanctions: Delisting Applications, Judicial Review and Secret Evidence 
Penelope Nevill, Sanctions and Commercial Law

Matthew HAPPOLD, Paul EDEN (eds.), Economic Sanctions and International Law, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2016 (304 pp.)

Matthew Happold is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Luxembourg. He also practises as a barrister from 3 Hare Court, London.

Paul Eden is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Sussex.

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