15 février 2017

REVUE : ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal (vol. 31, n°3, Fall 2016)

David ROY

The latest volume of the ICSID Review: Foreign Investment Law Journal (vol. 31, n°3, Fall 2016) is out with a special focus issue on "Procedural Issues in Investment Treaty Arbitration".

Gabriel Bottini, Chester Brown, Introductory Note: Procedural Issues in Investment Treaty Arbitration 

Silvina S. González Napolitano, Medidas provisionales en la solución de controversias de inversión 

Koh Swee Yen, The Use of Emergency Arbitrators in Investment Treaty Arbitration 

Daniel Kalderimis, The Authority of Investment Treaty Tribunals to Issue Orders Restraining Domestic Court Proceedings 

Hanno Wehland, The Regulation of Parallel Proceedings in Investor-State Disputes
Sam Luttrell, Testing the ICSID Framework for Arbitrator Challenges  

Esmé Shirlow, Dawn of a new era? The UNCITRAL Rules and UN Convention on Transparency in Treaty-Based Investor-State Arbitration 

Nigel Blackaby, Alex Wilbraham, Practical Issues Relating to the Use of Expert Evidence in Investment Treaty Arbitration 

Audley Sheppard, The Approach of Investment Treaty Tribunals to Evidentiary Privileges 

Lars Markert, Summary Dismissal of ICSID Proceedings 

Gabriel Bottini, Present and Future of ICSID Annulment: The Path to an Appellate Body?
Christoph Schreuer, The Development of International Law by ICSID Tribunals
Book review
Claudia Frutos-Peterson, Building International Investment Law: The First 50 Years of ICSID

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