22 février 2017

REVUE : International Criminal Law Review (vol. 16, n°6, 2016)

Kadidiatou HAMA

The latest issue of the International Criminal Law Review (vol. 16, n°6, 2016) is out.

Fabián O. Raimondo, Introduction. Lawyering in The Hague: Collected Papers from the Maastricht Seminar for ICC Counsel 
Herman von Hebel, Remarks at the Maastricht Seminar for the List of Counsel before the International Criminal Court 
Fabián O. Raimondo, Lawyering in the Hague: An Introduction to the Roles of Counsel Practising at the ICC 
Dmytro Suprun, Legal Representation of Victims before the ICC: Developments, Challenges, and Perspectives 
Luc Walleyn, Victims’ Participation in ICC Proceedings: Challenges Ahead 
Xavier-Jean Keïta, Disclosure of Evidence in the Law and Practice of the ICC 
Michael G. Karnavas, Defence Counsel Ethics, the ICC Code of Conduct and Establishing a Bar Association for ICC List Counsel 
Conrad J.P. van Laer, Open Access for International Criminal Lawyers

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