5 février 2017

REVUE : Journal of Conflict Resolution (vol. 60, n°8, December 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (vol. 60, n°8, December 2016) is out.

Victor Asal, Michael Findley, James A. Piazza, & James Igoe Walsh, Political Exclusion, Oil, and Ethnic Armed Conflict  
Varun Piplani & Caitlin Talmadge, When War Helps Civil–military Relations: Prolonged Interstate Conflict and the Reduced Risk of Coups  
John A. Vasquez & Ashlea Rundlett, Alliances as a Necessary Condition of Multiparty Wars 
Douglas L. Kriner & Francis X. Shen, Conscription, Inequality, and Partisan Support for War

Reed M. Wood & Thorin M. Wright, Responding to Catastrophe: Repression Dynamics Following Rapid-onset Natural Disasters  
Carly Wayne, Roni Porat, Maya Tamir, & Eran Halperin, Rationalizing Conflict: The Polarizing Role of Accountability in Ideological Decision Making  
Jessica Steinberg, Strategic Sovereignty: A Model of Non-state Goods Provision and Resistance in Regions of Natural Resource Extraction

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