17 mars 2017

REVUE : Cambridge Review of International Affairs (vol. 29, n°3, 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs (vol. 29, n°3, 2016) is out.

Rising Powers and Intervention 
Philip Cunliffe & Kai Michael Kenkel, Rising powers and intervention: contested norms and shifts in global order  
Anastasia Shesterinina, Evolving norms of protection: China, Libya and the problem of intervention in armed conflict

Stephanie C. Hofmann, Barbara Bravo De Moraes Mendes & Susanna Campbell, Investing in international security: rising powers and organizational choices

Maíra Siman Gomes, Analysing interventionism beyond conventional foreign policy rationales: the engagement of Brazil in the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH)

Charles T. Hunt, Emerging powers and the responsibility to protect: non-linear norm dynamics in complex international society  
Brian L. Job, Evolution, retreat or rejection: Brazil’s, India’s and China’s normative stances on R2P
EU Sanctions 
Clara Portela, Are European Union sanctions “targeted”? 
Sascha Lohmann, The convergence of transatlantic sanction policy against Iran 
Mark Daniel Jaeger, Constructing sanctions: rallying around the target in Zimbabwe 
Kathrin Kranz, European Union arms embargoes: the relationship between institutional design and norms 
Elin Hellquist, Either with us or against us? Third-country alignment with EU sanctions against Russia/Ukraine 
Kerstin Schembera, The rocky road of interregionalism: EU sanctions against human rights-violating Myanmar and repercussions on ASEAN–EU relations
Mervyn Bain, Moscow, Havana and asymmetry in international relations 
Jessica Evans, The uneven and combined development of class forces: migration as combined development 
Marwa Daoudy, The structure-identity nexus: Syria and Turkey’s collapse (2011) 
Li Sheng, Explaining US–China economic imbalances: a social perspective 
Adriana Erthal Abdenur, Frank Mattheis & Pedro Seabra, An ocean for the Global South: Brazil and the zone of peace and cooperation in the South Atlantic 
Dan Öberg, War, transparency and control: the military architecture of operational warfare 
Aysegul Sever & Gonca Oguz Gok, The UN factor in the “regional power role” and the Turkish case in the 2000s

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