23 avril 2017

REVUE : Human Rights Quarterly (vol. 39, n°1, February 2017)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the Human Rights Quarterly (vol. 39, n°1, February 2017) is out.

Geoff Dancy, Christopher J. Fariss, Rescuing Human Rights Law From International Legalism and its Critics
Chelsea Lee, Robert L. Ostergard Jr, Measuring Discrimination Against LGBTQ People: A Cross-National Analysis
Payam Akhavan, Is Grassroots Justice a Viable Alternative to Impunity?: The Case of the Iran People’s Tribunal
Andrea Schapper, Children’s Rights Implementation as a Multi-Level Governance Process
Vincenzo Ferrone, The Rights of History: Enlightenment and Human Rights
Rowland Brucken, Conservative at Birth: The Creation and Paradoxes of United States Human Rights Policy During World War II
Courtney Hillebrecht, Scott Straus, Who Pursues the Perpetrators?: State Cooperation with the ICC
Francesca Laguardia, Deterring Torture: The Preventive Power of Criminal Law and its Promise for Inhibiting State Abuses
Book Reviews
Sir Nigel Rodley, Five Ideas to Fight For: How Our Freedom is Under Threat and Why It Matters by Anthony Lester (review)
Audrey Macklin, The Law of Refugee Status by James C. Hathaway & Michelle Foster (review)
Meredith Terretta, Where are the Lawyers, the Activists, the Claimants, and the Experts?
Katherine Sorrels, Internationalism in the Age of Nationalism by Glenda Sluga (review)
David Cingranelli, The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence, and Sex Trafficking by Sally Engle Merry (review)
David Hawk, East West Street: On the Origins of “Genocide” and “Crimes Against Humanity” by Philippe Sands (review)
Spencer R. Crew, The Idea of a Human Rights Museum eds. by Karen Busby et al. (review)
Samantha Lakin, United States Law and Policy on Transitional Justice: Principles, Politics, and Pragmatics by Zachary D. Kaufman (review)
Lisa J. Laplante, Sexual Violence During War and Peace: Gender, Power, and Post Conflict Justice: Gender, Power, and Post-Conflict Justice in Peru by Jelke Boesten (review)

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