29 mai 2017

OUVRAGE : A.S. Barros, C. Ryngaert, J. Wouters (eds.), International Organizations and Member State Responsibility: Critical Perspectives



Notes on Contributors

1. Ana Sofia Barros, Cedric Ryngaert, Jan Wouters, Member States, International Organizations and International Responsibility: Exploring a Legal Triangle
2. Ramses A. Wessel, Ige F. Dekker, Identities of States in International Organizations
3. Niels Blokker, Member State Responsibility for Wrongdoings of International Organizations: Beacon of Hope or Delusion?
4. Ana Sofia Barros, Member States and the International Legal (Dis)order: Accounting for the Notion of Responsible Governance
5. Catherine Brölmann, Member States and International Legal Responsibility: Developments of the Institutional Veil
6. Jean d’Aspremont, International Responsibility and the Constitution of Power: International Organizations Bolstered
7. Tom Dannenbaum, Dual Attribution in the Context of Military Operations
8. Antonios Tzanakopoulos, Sharing Responsibility for un Targeted Sanctions
9. Esa Paasivirta, The Responsibility of Member States of International Organizations: A Special Case for the European Union?
10. Paolo Palchetti, Litigating Member State Responsibility: The Monetary Gold Principle and the Protection of Absent Organizations
11. Francesco Messineo, The Invocation of Member State Responsibility before National and International Courts: Rekindling Old Utopias
12. Cedric Ryngaert, The Responsibility of Member States of International Organizations: Concluding Observations

Ana Sofia BARROS, Cedric RYNGAERT, Jan WOUTERS, International Organizations and Member State Responsibility: Critical Perspectives, Leiden, Brill/Nijhoff, 2017 (232 pp.)

Ana Sofia Barros is a lawyer and Ph.D. Researcher at the University of Leuven. She has published a monograph and various articles in the fields of international human rights law, international organizations law and development.

Cedric Ryngaert, PhD (2007), Leuven University, is Professor of Public International Law at Utrecht University. He has published widely on jurisdiction, immunities, international organizations law, and non-state actors. He is the author of, among other monographs, Jurisdiction in International Law (OUP 2015)

Jan Wouters, Ph.D. (1996), KU Leuven, is Full Professor of International Law and International Organizations, Jean Monnet Chair and Director, Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies – Institute for International Law. He publishes on international and EU law and global governance.

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