16 juin 2017

REVUE : Journal of Conflict Resolution (vol. 61, n°2, February 2017)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the Journal of Conflict Resolution (vol. 61, n°2, February 2017) is out.

David B. Carter, Paul Poast, Why Do States Build Walls? Political Economy, Security, and Border Stability 
Seung-Whan Choi, James A. Piazza, Foreign Military Interventions and Suicide Attacks 
Erica Chenoweth, Jay Ulfelder, Can Structural Conditions Explain the Onset of Nonviolent Uprisings? 
Andrew H. Kydd, Roseanne W. McManus, Threats and Assurances in Crisis Bargaining 
Angelo Antoci, Alessandro Fiori Maccioni, Pier Luigi Sacco, Mauro Sodini, Self-protection, Psychological Externalities, and the Social Dynamics of Fear 
Rotem Nagar, Ifat Maoz, Predicting Jewish-Israeli Recognition of Palestinian Pain and Suffering 
Christina L. Davis, Krzysztof J. Pelc, Cooperation in Hard Times: Self-restraint of Trade Protection 
Michael A. Bailey, Anton Strezhnev, Erik Voeten, Estimating Dynamic State Preferences from United Nations Voting Data 
Fırat Bilgel, Burhan Can Karahasan, The Economic Costs of Separatist Terrorism in Turkey

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