22 juillet 2017

REVUE : International Journal of Transitional Justice (vol. 10, n° 2, July 2017)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the International Journal of Transitional Justice (vol. 10, n° 2, July 2017) is out.

Editorial Note
Elizabeth Lira, The Chilean Human Rights Archives and Moral Resistance to Dictatorship
Padraig McAuliffe, Dividing the Spoils: The Impact of Power Sharing on Possibilities for Socioeconomic Transformation in Postconflict States
Meghan M. DeTommaso, Mario Schulz, Steve B. Lem, Choices of Justice: Effects of Civil War Termination on Postconflict Justice Mechanisms Implemented by the State
Kristin C. Doughty, Language and International Criminal Justice in Africa: Interpretation at the ICTR
Natalie R. Davidson, Alien Tort Statute Litigation and Transitional Justice: Bringing the Marcos Case back to the Philippines
Janine Ubink, Anna Rea, Community Justice or Ethnojustice? Engaging with Customary Mechanisms to Reintegrate Ex-Combatants in Somalia
Klaus Bachmann, Igor Lyubashenko, The Puzzle of Transitional Justice in Ukraine
Pamina Firchow, Do Reparations Repair Relationships? Setting the Stage for Reconciliation in Colombia
Andrea Purdeková, Displacements of Memory: Struggles against the Erosion and Dislocation of the Material Record of Violence in Burundi
Review Essay
Sophie Rigney, The Hopes and Discontents of Indigenous–Settler Reconciliation

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