13 août 2017

OUVRAGE : J. Chaisse (ed.), The Regulation of the Global Water Services Market


Drinking water and wastewater services must be provided to many sectors of a nation's economy, including its industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. This forms the scope of the water industry's activities and it explains why the privatisation of water sanitation and water services has become a huge market and a much-debated issue in a number of jurisdictions. Historically the water industry has been run as a public service which is owned by the local or national government, recent trends suggest that the role of the private sector is increasing. The growing economic interests concerning water and wastewater services are generating a tension with the recent recognition of the human right to water and sanitation. This tension between human right and economic rules is the focus of this book, which reviews all the international rules that form the regulation of global water services.


Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, Foreword
Julien Chaisse, Introduction
N. Jansen Calamita, Are investments in water different? Sectoral economics, investment treaty architecture, and the role of governance 
Fernando Dias Simões, The erosion of the concept of public service in water concessions: evidence from investor-state arbitration 
Aline Baillat, International investment agreements and water resources management 
Bryan Mercurio & Antoine Martin, Water is not medicine: the tension between access to water and intellectual property rights in the area of water technologies 
Chien-Huei Wu & Helen Hai-Ning Huang, Right to water in the shadow of trade liberalization 
Markus Krajewski, Protecting the human right to water through the regulation of multinational enterprises 
Leila Choukroune, Water and sanitation services in international trade and investment law: for a holistic human rights based approach 
Shintaro Hamanaka, Foreign governmental suppliers' investment: profit or aid? The case study of a Japanese city water bureau 
Bryan Druzin, The drip, drip of depletion: solving the tragedy of the commons in global water usage 
Panagiotis Delimatsis, The regulation of water services in the European Union internal market 
Christoph Herrmann, External competences of the EU in the field of water services trade and regulation 
Sufian Jusoh, Hayatunnisah Sulaiman, Suzarika Sahak & Karamjit Singh,
Fragmentation of water policies in ASEAN: potential role of the ASEAN community 
Anatole Boute, Water management in Central Asia: the role of energy, trade and investment law  
Pierre Sauvé, Conclusion: 'Blue Gold' regulatory and economic challenges

Julien CHAISSE (ed.), The Regulation of the Global Water Services Market, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017 (446 pp.)

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