5 août 2017

REVUE : African Journal of International and Comparative Law (vol. 25, n°3, August 2017)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of the African Journal of International and Comparative Law (vol. 25, n°3, August 2017) is out.

Benedict Abrahamson Chigara, Incommensurabilities of the SADC Land Issue and Nozick's Entitlement Theory 
Richard Croucher, Mark Houssart & Didier Michel, The Mauritian Truth and Justice Commission: Legitimacy, Political Negotiation and the Consequences of Slavery 
Saloni Khanderia, The Compatibility of South African Anti-Dumping Laws with WTO Disciplines 
Amy Baker Benjamin, 9/11 as False Flag: Why International Law Must Dare to Care 
Andrew Schmulow, Financial Regulatory Governance in South Africa: The Move Towards Twin Peaks 
Zekarias Beshah Abebe, The African Court with a Criminal Jurisdiction and the ICC: A Case for Overlapping Jurisdiction? 
Monique Aziza, An Empirical Study of Human Trafficking Law in Cameroon: Victims Rarely Seek Justice and Traffickers Are Not Held Liable 
Olufemi Soyeju, Mitigating Legal Risks in Nigeria's Project Finance Market

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