5 novembre 2017

REVUE : Journal of International Criminal Justice (vol. 15, n°3, July 2017)

Matthew E. CROSS, Antonio COCO 

The latest volume of the Journal of International Criminal Justice (vol. 15, n°3, July 2017) is out, with a special issue on "The International Criminal Court’s Policies and Strategies".

Matthew E. Cross, Antonio Coco, Foreword

Carsten Stahn, Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t: Challenges and Critiques of Preliminary Examinations at the ICC

Anni Pues, Towards the ‘Golden Hour’? A Critical Exploration of the Length of Preliminary Examinations

Maria Varaki, Revisiting the ‘Interests of Justice’ Policy Paper

Sophie T. Rosenberg, The International Criminal Court in Côte d’Ivoire: Impartiality at Stake?

Eliana Teresa Cusato, Beyond Symbolism: Problems and Prospects with Prosecuting Environmental Destruction before the ICC

Luigi Prosperi, Jacopo Terrosi, Embracing the ‘Human Factor’: Is There New Impetus at the ICC for Conceiving and Prioritizing Intentional Environmental Harms as Crimes Against Humanity?

Nadia Bernaz, An Analysis of the ICC Office of the Prosecutor’s Policy Paper on Case Selection and Prioritization from the Perspective of Business and Human Rights

Birju Kotecha, The ICC’s Office of the Prosecutor and the Limits of Performance Indicators

Gaelle Carayon, Jonathan O’Donohue, The International Criminal Court’s Strategies in Relation to Victims

Antonio Coco, Matthew E. Cross, Epilogue: The ICC on the Yellow Brick Road

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