11 janvier 2018

OUVRAGE : L. Mälksoo, W. Benedek (eds.), Russia and the European Court of Human Rights: The Strasbourg Effect


Why has there been a human rights backlash in Russia despite the country having been part of the European human rights protection system since the late 1990s? To what extent does Russia implement judgments of the Strasbourg Court, and to what extent does it resist the implementation? This fascinating study investigates Russia's turbulent relationship with the European Court of Human Rights and examines whether the Strasbourg court has indeed had the effect of increasing the protection of human rights in Russia. Researchers and scholars of law and political science with a particular interest in human rights and Russia will benefit from this in-depth exploration of the background of this subject.


Lauri Mälksoo, Introduction: Russia, Strasbourg and the paradox of a human rights backlash 
Petra Roter, Russia in the Council of Europe: participation a la carte 
Anton Burkov, The use of European human rights law in Russian courts 
Sergei Marochkin, ECtHR and the Russian Constitutional Court: duet or duel? 
Alexei Trochev, The Russian Constitutional Court and the Strasbourg court: judicial pragmatism in a dual state 
Mikhail Antonov, Philosophy behind human rights: Valery Zorkin vs the West 
Bill Bowring, Russia's cases in the ECtHR and the question of socialization 
Elisabet Fura, Rait Maruste, Russia's impact on the Strasbourg system: as seen by two former judges of the European Court of Human Rights 
Philip Leach, Egregious human rights violations in Chechnya: the continuing pursuit of justice 
Vladislav Starzhenetskiy, Property rights in Russia: reconsidering the socialist legal tradition 
Dmitri Bartenev, LGBT rights in Russia and European human rights standards 
Benedikt Harzl, Nativist ideological responses to European/liberal human rights discourses in contemporary Russia 
Wolfgang Benedek, General conclusions

Russia and the European Court of Human Rights

Lauri MÄLKSOO, Wolfgang BENEDEK (eds.), Russia and the European Court of Human Rights: The Strasbourg Effect, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2017 (440 pp.)

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