25 mai 2019

OUVRAGE : W. Czapliński, A. Kleczkowska (eds.), Unrecognised Subjects in International Law


The book discusses a variety of issues related to two important international law institutions: international legal personality and recognition. Respective studies concern the legal situation and classification of various categories of non-recognised entities, the obligation to recognise and not to recognise specific subjects, rights and obligations of those entities (including, for example, state immunity and obligations in respect of human rights), and international liability for unlawful recognition. The authors of the texts are both eminent scientists, recognised specialists in the field of international law, as well as young lawyers, just starting their adventure with research work. The authors come from various parts of the world and represent a diverse approach to research methodology.

Władysław Czapliński, Agata Kleczkowska, Introductory Remarks
List of Abbreviations
Enrico Milano, Recognition (and Non-recognition) of Non-state Actors 
Dagmar Richter, Illegal States 
Stefan Oeter, De facto Regimes in International Law 
Przemysław Saganek, Forms of Recognition 
Galina Shinkaretskaia, A Requirement of Conformity with International Law in Cases of State Succession 
Shotaro Hamamoto, Status of Unrecognised Subjects: Recent Practice of “Collective Recognition”: Admission to or Granting a Status in an International Organisation 
Władysław Czapliński, State Responsibility for Unlawful Recognition 
Szymon Zaręba, Responsibility for the Acts of Unrecognised States and Regimes 
Natividad Fernández Sola, Collective Recognition? The Case of the European Union 
Maurizio Arcari, The UN SC, Unrecognised Subjects and the Obligation of Non-recognition in International Law 
Chun-i Chen, An Unrecognised State? Recent Practices of the Republic of China on Taiwan 
Anne Lagerwall, Is the Duty Not to Recognise “States” Created Unlawfully Challenged by States’ Practice and ECHR Case Law? 
Margaret E. McGuinness, Non-recognition and State Immunities: Toward a Functional Theory 
Agata Kleczkowska, Recognition and the Use of Force: How Denial of Statehood Affects International Peace and Security 
María Isabel Torres Cazorla, The Human-rights Obligations of Unrecognised Entities 
Łukasz Gruszczyński, Marcin Menkes, Hybrid Recognition of Monetary and Financial Sovereignty: Or Is It?
Index of Names

Władysław CZAPLIŃSKI, Agata KLECZKOWSKA (eds.), Unrecognised Subjects in International Law, Warsaw, Schloar, 2019 (402 pp.)

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