Some of the changes include: a list of required documents that must accompany both the “notice to arbitrate” (Article 3(3)(a)-(g)) and the “response” thereto (Article 4(2)(a)-(f)); provision on multiple parties and joinder of third parties (Article 17(5)); more comprehensive rules regarding the appointment and replacement of arbitrators (Articles 7-15); a new provision dealing with the waiver of liability of arbitrators and other appointed individuals (Article 16); and more comprehensive rules regarding interim measures (Article 26).
One modernizing revision is found in Article 2, which allows that documents between the parties, including the notice to arbitrate, may be “transmitted by any means of communication that provides or allows for a record of its transmission.” Moreover, Article 2(1) provides that in certain circumstances “delivery by electronic means such as facsimile or email” is acceptable. This language demonstrates the drafters’ intent to respond to the current trend promoting e-communication.