9 avril 2013

REVUE : Global Policy (vol. 4, n°1, February 2013)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of Global Policy (vol. 4, n°1, February 2013) is out. Contents include:
  • Research Articles
    • Amanda Glassman, Denizhan Duran & Andy Sumner, Global Health and the New Bottom Billion: What do Shifts in Global Poverty and Disease Burden Mean for Donor Agencies?
    • Nick Bostrom, Existential Risk Prevention as Global Priority
    • Michael Jennings, Climate Disruption: Are We Beyond the Worst Case Scenario?
    • Steven Slaughter, Debating the International Legitimacy of the G20: Global Policymaking and Contemporary International Society
    • Frans-Paul van der Putten, Harmony with Diversity: China’s Preferred World Order and Weakening Western Influence in the Developing Worl
  • Special Section - Contemporary Maritime Piracy: responding to a Wicked Problem
    • Christian Bueger, The Global Fight against Piracy
    • Sarah Percy & Anja Shortland, Contemporary Maritime Piracy: Five Obstacles to Ending Somali Piracy
    • Douglas Guilfoyle, Prosecuting Pirates: The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, Governance and International Law
    • Basil Germond, The European Union at the Horn of Africa: The Contribution of Critical Geopolitics to Piracy Studies
    • Christian Bueger, Orchestrating the Response: Somali Piracy and Ontological Complexity
    • Axel Klein, The Moral Economy of Somali Piracy – Organised Criminal Business or Subsistence Activity?
  • Survey Articles
    • Claire A. Auplat, The Challenges of Nanotechnology Policy Making Part 2. Discussing Voluntary Frameworks and Options
  • Special Section - Export Credit Availability and Global Trade
    • Andreas Klasen, Export Credit Availability and Global Trade
    • Jon Coleman, Why Exporters Need Export Credit
    • Geetha Muralidhar, The Role of Export Credit Agencies in a Fast-growing BRIC Economy
    • Peter Luketa, Export Credit Availability and the Euro Debt Crisis
    • Pedro Carriço, Export Financing in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Practitioner's Commentary
    • Geoffrey D. Stevens, Controlling Munitions Stockpiles: How to Stop the Inadvertent Arming of Insurgencies
  • Response to Article
    • Djims Milius, ‘Information Aid’ and the Dissemination of Innovation

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