20 janvier 2014

REVUE : The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (vol. 12, n°3, 2013)

Catherine MAIA

The latest issue of The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals (vol. 12, n°3, 2013) is out. 

Contents include:
  • Hirad Abtahi, Odo Ogwuma, & Rebecca Young, The Judicial Review Powers of the Presidency of the International Criminal Court: Safeguards for the Protection of Human Rights
  • Marjorie Beulay, The Action of Legal Persons in the European System of Human Rights Protection – Collective or Individual Interest?
  • Giulia D’Agnone, Recourse to the “Futility Exception” within the ICSID System: Reflections on Recent Developments of the Local Remedies Rule
  • Christian Schliemann, Requirements for Amicus Curiae Participation in International Investment Arbitration A Deconstruction of the Procedural Wall Erected in Joint ICSID Cases ARB/10/25 and ARB/10/151
  • Inna Uchkunova, Provisional Measures before the International Court of Justice
  • Andreas Zimmermann & Jelena Bäumler, Navigating Through Narrow Jurisdictional Straits: The Philippines – PRC South China Sea Dispute and UNCLOS
  • Andrés Sarmiento Lamus, Revocation and Modification of Provisional Measures Orders in the International Court of Justice: The Court’s Order Regarding Certain Activities Carried out by Nicaragua in the Border Area and the Case Concerning Construction of a Road in Costa Rica along the San Juan River Joint Proceedings

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