25 février 2014

OUVRAGE : S. Casey-Maslen (ed.), Weapons Under International Human Rights Law

David ROY

International human rights law offers an overarching international legal framework to help determine the legality of the use of any weapon, as well as its lawful supply. It governs acts of States and non-State actors alike. In doing so, human rights law embraces international humanitarian law regulation of the use of weapons in armed conflict and disarmament law, as well as international criminal justice standards. In situations of law enforcement (such as counterpiracy, prisons, ordinary policing, riot control, and many peace operations), human rights law is the primary legal frame of reference above domestic criminal law. This important and timely book draws on all aspects of international weapons law and proposes a new view on international law governing weapons. Also included is a specific discussion on armed drones and cyberattacks, two highly topical issues in international law and international relations.

Part I. The Use of Weapons in Law Enforcement:

1. The use of firearms in law enforcement, Stuart Casey-Maslen
2. The use of 'less-lethal' weapons in law enforcement, Abi Dymond and Neil Corney
3. Crowd management, crowd control, and riot control, Stuart Casey-Maslen
4. The use of weapons in custodial centres, Silvia Suteu
5. The use of weapons in counterpiracy, Alice Priddy

Part II. International Human Rights Law and Conflict:

6. Weapons and armed non-State actors, Andrew Clapham
7. The use of weapons in peace operations, Nigel White
8. The use of weapons in armed conflict, Stuart Casey-Maslen and Sharon Weill
9. The use of weapons and jus ad bellum, Stuart Casey-Maslen

Part III. Weapons and Technologies under International Law:
10. Cyberattacks and international human rights law, David P. Fidler
11. The use of riot control agents in law enforcement, Michael Crowley
12. The use of incapacitants in law enforcement, Michael Crowley
13. The use of armed drones, Stuart Casey-Maslen

Part IV. Weapons Design, Acquisition, and Transfer under Human Rights Law:

14. The review of weapons under international humanitarian and human rights law, Stuart Casey-Maslen, Abi Dymond and Neil Corney
15. Arms transfers and international human rights law, Annyssa Bellal
16. Implications for arms acquisitions of economic, social, and cultural rights, Gilles Giacca and Tahmina Karimova

Part V. Responsibility for Unlawful Use of Weapons under Human Rights Law:

17. Weapons and the human rights responsibilities of multinational corporations, Ralph Steinhardt
18. Remedies and reparations, Megan Burke and Loren Persi-Vicentic

Part VI. Future Regulation of Weapons under International Law:

19. Existing and future weapons and weapons systems, Stuart Casey-Maslen

Weapons Under International Human Rights Law

Stuart CASEY-MASLEN (ed.), Weapons Under International Human Rights Law, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2014 (679 pp.)

Stuart Casey-Maslen, Université de Genève. Dr Stuart Casey-Maslen is Head of Research at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights where he teaches weapons law in an executive masters' programme.

Stuart Casey-Maslen, Abi Dymond, Neil Corney, Silvia Suteu, Alice Priddy, Andrew Clapham, Nigel White, Sharon Weill, David P. Fidler, Michael Crowley, Annyssa Bellal, Gilles Giacca, Tahmina Karimova, Ralph Steinhardt, Megan Burke, Loren Persi-Vicentic

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