23 juin 2015

REVUE : Japanese Yearbook of International Law (vol. 57, 2014)


The latest volume of the Japanese Yearbook of International Law (vol. 57, 2014) is out. 

  • The Hague Child Abduction Convention
    • Tatsushi Nishioka & Takako Tsujisaka, Introductory Note: Japan's Conclusion of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspect of International Child Abduction
    • Masayuki Tanamura, International Child Abduction Cases and the Act for the Implementation of the Hague Convention - Impact on Domestic Cases and Family Law
    • Masako Murakami, Case Proceedings for the Return of an Abducted Child and the Compulsory Execution in Japan
    • Martina Erb-Klünemann, The 1980 Hague Convention and Mediation - A German Perspective
    • Nigel Vaughan Lowe, Return Orders under the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction - The Issues Facing the Japanese Courts
  • The Role of Prominent Jurists in Japan's Engagement with International Law, 1853-1945: Part Two
    • Okubo Takeharu, Nishi Amane and International Law - A Pioneer's Struggle with European Jurisprudence in Early Modern Japan
    • Urs Matthias Zachmann, Taoka Ryoichi's Contribution to International Legal Studies in Pre-war Japan: With Special Reference to Questions of the Law of War
  • Redefining the Theoretical Grounds for the Collaboration between Public Law and Private Law in the Era of Globalization
    • Yuki Asano, From the Theory of Private Law to Legal Pluralism: On the Reconstruction of Private Law in the Age of Globalization
    • Dai Yokomizo, Conflict of Law in the Era of Globalization
    • Takeshi Fujitani, The Law, Governance, and Society in the Context of Globalization - Renewed Formation of the Law and Sovereign States
    • Hiroki Harada, Establishing Partnership between Public and Private Law in Globalized Policy-Making and Enforcement Processes: A Focus on Social Security Law
    • Nasu Kosuke, Does the Concept of Law Need to Be Revised in the Face of Globalization?
  • Public International Law
    • Maki Nishiumi, The Cultural Aspects of Sustainable Development
    • Tatsuya Abe, Effectiveness of the Institutional Approach to an Alleged Violation of International Law: The Case of Syrian Chemical Weapons
    • Tomoaki Ishigaki, Defining the Future by Studying the Past: A Negotiator's Perspective on the Arms Trade Treaty


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