11 avril 2016

REVUE : Journal of World Trade (vol. 50, 2016)

David ROY

The latest issue of the Journal of World Trade (vol. 50, 2016) is out. 

Edwin Vermulst, From the Editor: In Memory of Professor John H. Jackson
Petros C. Mavroidis, John H. Jackson: A Mentor and a Friend
Lorand Bartels, The Relationship between the WTO Agreement on Agriculture and the SCM Agreement: An Analysis of Hierarchy Rules in the WTO Legal System
Shin-yi Peng, GATS and the Over-the-Top Services: A Legal Outlook
Gary Winslett, How Regulations Became the Crux of Trade Politics
Tsai-yu Lin, Inter-Mingling TRIPS Obligations with an FET Standard in Investor-State Arbitration: An Emerging Challenge for WTO Law?
Nohyoung Park, Myung-Hyun Chung, Analysis of a New Mediation Procedure under the WTO SPS Agreement
Zhongmei Wang, Negative List in the SHPFTZ and Its Implications for China’s Future FDI Legal System
Chang-fa Lo, Coordinative Approach to Resolve Normative and Operational Conflicts between Inner and Outer-FTAs
Christian Häberli, An International Regulatory Framework for National Employment Policies
Zhu (Judy) Wang, CFIUS under Review: National Security Review in the US and the WTO
Lars Nilsson, EU Exports and Uptake of Preferences: A First Analysis
Sanchita Basu Das, Rahul Sen, Sadhana Srivastava, Can ASEAN+1 FTAs Be a Pathway towards Negotiating and Designing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) Agreement?
Dirk De Bièvre, Arlo Poletti, Marcel Hanegraaff, Jan Beyers, International Institutions and Interest Mobilization: The WTO and Lobbying in EU and US Trade Policy
Iva Mihaylova, Could the Recently Enacted Data Localization Requirements in Russia Backfire?
Alua Amirbekova, Ruslan Galyamov, Participation Constraints in the WTO Dispute Settlement: Considering Kazakhstan

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